Thursday, November 14, 2019

Good Night, Little Bear - Little Golden Book Classic by Richard Scarry

Good Night, Little Bear - Little Golden Book Classic by Richard Scarry
Originally Published in 1961

It’s time for Little Bear to go to bed. But where can he be? Father Bear searches all over the house.

Has he forgotten that Little Bear’s been riding his shoulders the whole time? 

Little ones will enjoy being in on the joke as they look at Richard Scarry’s colorful pictures. 

Last week , for 'Throw Back Thursday', I had My Folks Grew up In the 80s'  This week is an actual trip back in time for me, this time back to the 1970s.

For someone whose adult life is all about kids books, I have very few memories of books as a young child.  The one vivid memory I do have, is going to the supermarket with my Nan, when I stayed with her in the holidays.  When we went to the supermarket, there was a wire spinner filled with books, Little Golden Books, and I got to choose one every week.

The one book Little Golden Book that has stayed with me is this one.  I even bought a copy a few years ago, simply for nostalgia's sake.  I still love books where the reader is fully aware of what's going on in the story, but one of the characters is Father Bear in this one....well he pretends to be oblivious anyway.

And...if I am completely honest, I think the one particular illustration that has stayed with me...for all of these years, is the chocolate fact every time I see a big piece of chocolate cake, it's this image that flashes in my mind.  Head over to my Instagram account to see the aforementioned page.

Next Thursday, another blast from my past.  One of my all time favourite novels...published in 1984.

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