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488 Rules For Life by Kitty Flanagan

488 Rules For Life by Kitty Flanagan
Published November 2019 Allen & Unwin

488 Rules for Life is not a self-help book, because it's not you who needs help, it's other people. Whether they're walking and texting, asphyxiating you on public transport with their noxious perfume cloud, or leaving one useless square of toilet paper on the roll, a lot of people just don't know the rules. But thanks to Kitty Flanagan's comprehensive guide to modern behaviour, our world will soon be a much better place.
A place where people don't ruin the fruit salad by putting banana in it ... where your co-workers respect your olfactory system and don't reheat their fish curry in the office microwave ... where middle aged men don't have ponytails ...
What started as a joke on Kitty Flanagan's popular segment on ABC TV's The Weekly, is now a quintessential reference book with the power to change society. (Or, at least, make it a bit less irritating.)
What people are (Kitty Flanagan is) saying about this book: 'You're welcome everyone.' 'Thank god for me.' 'I'd rather be sad and lonely, but right.' 'There's not actually 488 rules in here but it sure feels like it'.

This book may have started out as a joke, but I challenge you, as a reader, not to start nodding your head at some of the rules, thinking 'yes, absolutely...that should be a rule!'

The book is divided into sections, and you can see that Kitty has been very thorough... all areas are covered!
  • The Fundamental Rule 
  • Around the Home
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • At the Office
  • Language
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  • Food
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • At the Movies
  • At the Shops
  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Parties & Celebrations
  • Holidays & Travel
  • Art & Entertainment
  • The Final Rule
Rule 1: The Fundamental Rule
If you don't agree with a rule, forget about it, move on to the next one.
Whatever you do, don't get angry, and start bleating on social media about how it is impossible to live your life by these 488 rules.  That's not what this book is about.

What this book is about, is fun.  It's a book you don't have to read from front to back, it's the perfect little pick me up when you just want something light and refreshing to read... something that will put a smile on your face.

Of course I have my favourite rules, as you will too,

At the Movies
Rule 279
Leave a courtesy buffer seat: If I am honest I would like a courtesy buffer around me at all times in life, but I will take 'at the movies' as a start.  Why do people sit next to you at the movies when there are spare seats...I will never understand that kind of madness.

Health & Lifestyle
Rule 36
Dress according to the standard of cyclist you are.  I don't believe have to say anymore

Technology - Mobile Phones
Rule 311
Use your inside voice.  Honestly, I really don't need (or want to) hear the drama that is going on in a strangers life.

Then there are the rules I am guilty of...I guarantee you'll find those in there too:

Rule 429
Never tell someone the book (or movie ) has a twist. I am very good at not giving away ending, but I have been known to mention a twist or two.  

Rule 131
Calling it 'cacao'  doesn't make it healthier than cocoa. I have a 'healthy' cup of hot cacao every morning...

And did you know that there is a 'right ' way to cut an orange? I didn't, but it's right there on page 107, pics in my Instagram story.

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