Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

This little novel made me laugh out loud.  It’s basically the story of a big bad wolf who feels that he and some of his friends have been misjudged, and now is the time they are going to redeem themselves and become heroes. 

First lets meet these bad guys, each has their own rap sheet describing their criminal activities.

Mr Wolf –

Criminal activity includes: Breaking in the homes of old women, Impersonating old women, attempting to eat old women

Status: Dangerous DO NOT APPROACH


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Newspaper Hats by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan

Newspaper Hats by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan
Published July 2015 Scholastic Australia

Grandpa remembers many things from long ago, but he has trouble remembering his granddaughter, Georgia.

In this moving story, a little girl helps her grandfather reach his memories through the simple act of making hats from folded newspaper.

A gentle yet powerful story about the love and memories that bind families together.

I had heard Phil tell this story before it was a book, more than once, and it made me cry…more than once.  I even told the story to other people and it made them cry, so consider yourself forewarned.  In saying that, I know many people who have read this books and didn’t cry, and like it is with many picture books,  we often see our own stories within the pages, and different stories mean different things to different people.  That there is the beauty and magic of a picture book.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Soon by Morris Gleitzman

Soon by Morris Gleitzman
Published June 2015 Puffin Books Australia

I hoped the Nazis would be defeated.
And they were.

I hoped the war would be over.
And it was.

I hoped we would be safe.
But we aren't.

Soon continues the incredibly moving story of Felix, a Jewish boy still struggling to survive in the wake of the liberation of Poland after the end of World War Two.

The fifth book in what Morris Gleitzman calls this 'family of books'.  He explains in the back of Soon,  that instead of calling this a series he prefers to think of the books as a 'family of books'.   Each one standing alone.  This is true, they do stand alone very well, as it's been a few years since I read After, and the fact that I couldn't remember the story vividly did not detract from my enjoyment of this latest instalment.

Mr Huff by Anna Walker

Mr Huff by Anna Walker
Published July 2015 Penguin Books
Award-winning and much-loved author and illustrator Anna Walker gives us a gentle, poignant, affirming and wise picture book sure to delight all ages.  Mr. Huff is a story about the clouds and the sunshine in each of our lives.
Bill is having a bad day.
Mr Huff is following him around and making everything seem difficult.
Bill tries to get rid of him, but Mr Huff just gets bigger and bigger!
Then they both stop, and a surprising thing happens . . .


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The New Boy by Nick Earls

New Boy, The by Nick Earls
Published March 2015 Puffin Books

Adjusting to a new country and a new school was never going to be easy for Herschelle. The food is strange, it's so different to South Africa and, worst of all, no-one understands the Aussie slang he's learnt on the web.

But it's the similarities that make things really hard. Herschelle will have to confront racism, bullying and his own past before Australia can feel like home . . .

When I think of the stories I have read about families immigrating to Australia they are often from Asian countries, Like Anh Do’s Happiest Refugee or Alice Pung’s Unpolished Gem.  This story tells of a family that have white skin and come from a country where English is spoken, so moving to Australia should be a piece of cake?

Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm back

In answer to the question posed by my blog title 'What's Rebecca Reading?' You would be forgiven for assuming....nothing. But of course that isn't true.

I can't believe I haven't been here for over a year.  Last year got very busy with life and work, and while there was still reading, there wasn't any time for writing about it.

So here we are, half way though 2015, and it's time to get back into it.  

Here's what I read this weekend, reviews to come on some.