Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where I confess to being a bad blogger...but an enthusiastic instagramm-er

I really am a terrible blogger. 

The trouble with blogging about books is that you have to read them...and that takes time...and as a reader, when you have finished one book, you start the next one, it truly doesn't end, and that's not a bad thing, it just turns out I would rather be reading the books rather than writing about them.

I started an Instagram account with the plan that I would write a blog post for every picture I posted. Well that didn't happen, so a new plan is in order.  I will endeavour to post here about books that I LOVE or I feel need a little help to get them out into the hands of readers.  I will post on Instagram more often, so you can follow me there at whats_rebecca_reading or click on the link to the right.  

I love Instagram and the 'bookstagram-ers' I follow give me a insight into what's popular out in the world, and I have been encouraged to read books that I would never have picked up.  Plus so many authors and publishers have really cool accounts, so if you haven't joined the Instagram bandwagon, I highly recommend you think about it.