Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The ABC Book of Seasons by Helen Martin, Judith Simpson & Cheryl Orsini

Seasons come ... seasons go ... sun shines ... winds blow ... rain falls ... plants grow... 

From the bestselling creators of THE ABC BOOK OF CARS, TRAINS, BOATS AND PLANES comes a glorious hardback picture book which celebrates the joys of each season. 

From Autumn's 'red, yellow, brown leaves' to Winter's 'sparkly cold snow', the text also introduces children to the concept of weather and its changing patterns.

This book is perfect for sharing. The illustrations are bright and clear and the text is simple. There’s scope to talk about what’s happening on the page, and then opening discussions to what happens during the seasons where there readers live. 

There are also little adjuncts to the seasons too, such as looking at windy days in autumn, asking the general question of “What moves in the wind?’ and matching up animal mothers and babies when talking about Spring.

This book is Australian, so it’s identifiable for most readers that experience four seasons. There are surf lifesavers on the beach, backyard cricket and native flowers. There is a mention of snow in winter, but in Australia it does actually snow…it just depends where you live. The book begins and ends with the same image and text, and the circular image simply shows the cyclical nature of the seasons, with the text ‘Seasons come…seasons go…Sun shines…wind blows…rain falls…plants grow.’

While not every book has to 'fit in with the Australian Curriculum' this one does, so for those that are interested, here's where I think you can use it.

Science / Foundation Year / Science Understanding / Earth and space sciences
Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life

Humanities and Social Sciences / Geography / Year 1 / Geographical Knowledge and Understanding
The weather and seasons of places and the ways in which different cultural groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, describe them.
Comparing the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander People’s seasonal calendar for the local area with one students are familiar with, such as the four-seasons calendar derived from Europe.

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