Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Deer Watch by Pat Lowery Collins illustrated by David Slonim

Just a quick post to share this beautiful picture book I found on the self today.

I have used a large image of the cover, because it's the cover that made me pick up the book in the first place. This image probably doesn't do it justice, but I just wanted to touch the cover of this book.The illustrations in this book are done with oil paint, and it's rare to see illustrations like this in a picture book, but together with the poetic text you suddenly have a beautiful book that feels very special.

I was so taken with the illustrations that I did a bit  of research (Googling) to find out about the illustrator.  See the link below for an interesting interview I found where he talks about his different styles...

I may have focused on the illustrations, but the text is beautiful too.  A father and son taking a walk in the woods, with the hope of seeing a deer. The story records their day together and everything they see, from a red-winged blackbird to a bulldozer, rabbits and...a doe and two fawns.

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