Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So many books...

I think I probably posted something along these lines last year, as it’s a thought that hits me with some regularity, so here I am, sharing my thoughts on the subject again.
You can see to the left the pile of books that are currently in my reading pile.  It’s a big pile, but some may say that it’s only 29 books, so that’s not too bad, that’s easy enough to get through.  Here’s the thing though…the pile NEVER gets smaller, it may get bigger, but never smaller.  There are times when I don’t even get started on the pile, because a new book comes in and I want to read it straight away…so it skips the pile completely.  

Magpies Magazine
The pile represents the books I most want to read, but it’s not everything I want to read. Hundreds of new titles arrive at the shop each month (and that’s just children’s and teenage fiction).  When I stop and think about it, (and like I said I do actually think about this a lot), there is no way I could possible read everything I might like to read.  It becomes even more depressing when I walk into a general book shop or library and see all of the adult and non fiction titles I will just never get to. 

And then the Magpies magazine lands on my desk...and I can see my reading pile growing by the minute!
So I will try to stop thinking about the books I will never read, and I get started on the reading pile instead.


  1. I can recommend Reboot - a lot. Pull it out now from the bottom of that pile!!

    1. Thanks Brona. It has been read...my thoughts to come soon.