Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter

Now I have to tell you that I have had quite a few eye rolls when I show librarians this new series.  The general consensus seems to be that the Bindi books were bad enough, and no one wants poor Robert on the shelves.  These feelings are obviously all about the Irwins, not so much about the books themselves, and while they may not change your life they may be just want certain reluctant readers need.
This new series by Robert Irwin is about…Robert Irwin, and his obsession with dinosaurs.  In the first book he has the opportunity to work on an archaeological dig in about 40km outside the Queensland town of Winton.  While on this fossil finding expedition, Robert finds himself travelling through time, back to prehistoric Australia, where he gets an up close and personal look at the dinosaurs he loves.
This book is perfect for dinosaur loving boys, who won’t read anything but information books about dinosaurs, because basically this book is an information book about dinosaurs.  Yes, there is the story about Robert going back in time, but the bulk of the text is Robert telling us all of the things he knows and then learns about these dinosaurs.  At a glance the other books in the series seem to send Robert all over the world, but I like the fact that the first book starts with an Australian dinosaur.

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